I have had counselling support in the past, but not like the healing and empowering kind that I received from Debbie.  Debbie’s “golden nuggets” of wisdom and wise and caring advice to me was invaluable in my healing process. I am on a healing path with a huge debt of gratitude to Debbie for helping me. Debbie to me: HELPFUL, HEALING, UNCONDITIONALLY CARING, EMPOWERING, WISE, WARM SAFE, KIND, KNOWLEDGABLE, EXPERT, and a GIVER to name a few of her amazing gifts.
A very grateful client

Debbie is a very caring, concerned, loving and a professional woman. From the minute we were introduced she made me feel comfortable with myself and most importantly comfortable about discussing my life that very few people will ever know about. Thank you Debbie for giving me the strength to find myself, helping me put my past in prospective and allowing myself to live a much happier life with the knowledge and tools you shared with me.

Trish Walsh (Kelowna BC)

Debbie has been instrumental with helping me to learn about myself and to heal. I appreciate Debbie’s compassion, her heart, for her work and for her ability to make me feel safe and comfortable. I would like to really thank Debbie for her kind heart and for her unconditional love, acceptance and support. My quality of life is much better because Debbie was a part of it.

Nancy (Kelowna BC)

I found Debbie to be a very caring counsellor who had many resources available to me. Debbie taught me to honor myself and to be true to myself. A year after doing counselling with Debbie I am 50 pounds lighter than I have ever been in my life.

Rachel (Kamloops BC)

Debbie Welsh has been a huge part of healing my mental health. Since the moment she greeted me I felt an instant connection which made me feel so warm and cared for. I would always leave the center with a sense of relief and a ray of hope. I am much more relaxed these days and doing better with my relationship with myself and my fiancé. It was a difficult process for me, but Debbie made it better with her patience and support.

Tanya (Kamloops BC)

When I first walked into Debbie’s office I was a broken person with little or no self-esteem or self-worth.  I was stuck in a vicious cycle of addiction that I couldn’t seem to get out of alone.  Today I no longer feel the need to use substances to cope with my life.  With Debbie’s help I have gained the tools to live life to its fullest potential.  I’ve developed a great awareness of myself.  I do have a great deal of self-esteem and self-worth that grows everyday.  I am truly enjoying life today thanks to the guidance I received from Debbie.

Alex (Kelowna BC)

Debbie brings a lot of heart to her counselling. Some counsellors are very cognitive and they may analyze you, take a neutral stance and give you advice; Debbie works from her heart to help her clients share there deepest fears, beliefs, grief, and sadness. She wraps her clients in her loving patience and acceptance and shines the light on their souls so they can see their own divine spirit. Debbie is a non-judgemental, open, kind, and loving person. Debbie’s big heart mixed with her Masters level education and years of counselling experience makes her have it all. As a colleague of Debbie’s I relied on her experience, intelligence, and strength to help me make decisions regarding the clients; however, most of all she always knew how to do the right thing because she works from her heart. On a personal level, Debbie touched my soul, many times, with beautiful loving kind words that I still carry with me to this day. I would highly recommend Debbie as a counsellor for anyone in need of healing and learning to love themselves again.

(Robin Menard MSW RCC RSW Kelowna BC)

Debbie is kind hearted, empathetic and never judges. She is that guidance that helps navigate through the painful parts of your life. She’s strong in her convictions but is always open minded. Debbie makes me feel safe and secure. And with her, the path of life becomes clearer.

P.P. (Kamloops BC)

Me and my husband continued to struggle and grew more distant from each other. We started to see Debbie, she helped us to understand the cycle we were locked in and she showed us a way out.  We are feeling closer and more bonded again. We thank Debbie for her compassion and wise knowledge . Thank you for helping us to move forward together again. We are grateful and thankful!

B.H. (Chilliwack BC)

My girlfriend and I had not been communicating effectively and began feeling disconnected due to both of our high stress levels. Debbie helped us to focus on what was most important (our relationship!) and helped us improve our communication. She gave us strategies to manage stress and not let it get in between us. We have been feeling better and have repaired our bond together. Thank you Debbie!

H.C. (Abbotsford BC)

When I first started seeing Debbie. Life had no meaning. My wife and daughter where at the point of leaving me. No matter how hard I tried I could not be the person they needed me to be… Since EMDR treatment I have found peace with the trauma in my past and realize the beauty of the future I have with my wife, daughter, family and friends.

Kyle D. (Chilliwack BC)

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