Are you feeling anxious, depressed, overwhelmed and just feel like giving up some days? If so, maybe you need support to help  guide and direct your healing process.

Whatever your reasons for counselling it is worthwhile to remember that we cannot heal alone. We are social beings and we are meant to be in relationship. We are created, wounded and healed in relationships. Any suffering consisting of domestic violence, trauma, anxiety, depression, addiction and mental health issues can all be healed through relationships.

We all need to feel safe, loved and accepted if we are going to travel the journey to wholeness. Being in relationship with a safe person ~ a counsellor ~ is a bridge to a healthier, wiser and more evolved you. Being heard, validated, and encouraged in a safe, loving and nurturing environment helps you to love, embrace and accept who you are as you continue to move forward along your journey.

Remember, you are worth the investment!

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Debbie brings a lot of heart to her counselling. Some counsellors are very cognitive and they may analyze you, take a neutral stance and give you advice; Debbie works from her heart to help her clients share there deepest fears, beliefs, grief, and sadness. She wraps her clients in her loving patience and acceptance and shines the light on their souls so they can see their own divine spirit. Debbie is a non-judgemental, open, kind, and loving person. Debbie’s big heart mixed with her Masters level education and years of counselling experience makes her have it all. As a colleague of Debbie’s I relied on her experience, intelligence, and strength to help me make decisions regarding the clients; however, most of all she always knew how to do the right thing because she works from her heart. On a personal level, Debbie touched my soul, many times, with beautiful loving kind words that I still carry with me to this day. I would highly recommend Debbie as a counsellor for anyone in need of healing and learning to love themselves again.

(Robin Menard MSW RCC RSW Kelowna BC)

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